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5 Reasons Children Need a Tutor

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5 Reasons Children Need a Tutor

The Covid-19 Pandemic has left its mark on the youth. After nearly two years of remote education, children are finally getting back to the in-class learning they received before 2020.

CAM EDU After School Program has known from the very start that this would bring some changes to the way children learn both in-person and behind the screen at home. However, now as life returns to normal, some kids will face challenges, so we have put together five reasons why tutoring may be suitable for your child.

1. Receiving one-to-one focused support

It's not always possible in a class with at least 29 other children. With one teacher and one or two teaching assistants, some children can fall through the cracks without anyone identifying them struggling with a learning topic. Having a specific person who meets regularly with your child every week will give them the in-depth help and teaching they need – and without distractions from other children. The extra benefit of this is that your child will know what to expect each week and work at a comfortable pace. Expanding your child's knowledge will help them achieve more in the classroom, showing and applying what they have learned.

2. Tailored Learning

It is more than simply the focused learning support: As your tutor knows the areas they need to develop, they will work with you to create an individualized learning plan that you and your child are happy with.

With only one child to work with, it means that your tutor can quickly assess areas of development. They can also understand what type of learner your child is, which means they can plan activities specifically for their learning needs. For example, practical tasks can be designed for kinaesthetic learners and visual-based lessons organized for visual learners.

By personalizing the learning to your child's needs, they will feel happier with how they are learning – and may even look forward to learning about the topic each week!

3. Flexibility

You get to choose the hours that best suit your child – their best time to focus and the hours you are available as a family. In addition, there are many tutors available to come to your home to teach the sessions, which makes it easier on your child, as they will feel more comfortable and relaxed, making them more willing to learn.

4. Confidence Boosting

Shy children don't speak up if they don't understand a topic, worrying about what their peers will think of them. With a one-to-one tutoring session, communicating with their tutor without other children around takes away the worry of other children. In addition, it brings a comfort factor in knowing they can ask questions they like.

5. Immediate Feedback

A tutor can assess a piece of work straight away and give some detailed and insightful comments, letting the child know what they are good at and better. There can also be a continuous trail of feedback in a tutoring session and your tutor feeding back to you how your child is doing and maybe even suggesting some strategies that you can try with them.

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