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In-Door Family Activities

Create an art show

One of the best things about children is that they have no constraints on their creativity, if you give a child a blank canvas you would be surprised by the things they choose to express through art. Painting can be therapeutic for a child and allow them to express emotions and thoughts that they may not know how to express verbally. After the canvas is covered with colors and art, surprise them by putting the paintings on the walls of a room in the house.

Indoor camping (Glamping)

A better word to use for this activity would be glamping. Setting up a fort in the living room, moving the furniture to the side, and putting lights across the room with some nature sounds can bring the outdoors indoors. This can be a really cool way for some bonding on a weekend night, kids remember these inexpensive experiences and so will you. Just make sure you bring the s’mores to the party.

Go on a house hunt

It's easy to rig up an indoor finding game. You could come up with a scavenger hunt-style list of items your child has to find all over the house, or put together a series of clues that lead to one big prize at the end. On Etsy, you can find customizable clue cards that you fill in and print yourself.

Top your own pizza

Get everyone involved in dinner-making by setting out personal pizza dough for each member of the family. Everyone gets to add their own toppings! Bonus: You won't have kids turning up their noses and saying, "yuck" about the meal you've made. There are a lot of activities you will find online outside of the few listed here, but next time you are not sure what activities to do with your family, come back to this list and pick the one that sounds fun to you. Good Luck!

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