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Little CAM
DayCare & Preschool

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About Little CAM

Little CAM Preschool provides quality childcare as well as early education to students in preparation for kindergarten. Our center provides a full-day comprehensive program, including a daily schedule with snacks, lunch, age-appropriate learning activities, movement time, outdoor playtime, socialization, arts and crafts, and more!

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Program Details


Social & Emotional Development

Little CAM Preschool is committed to supporting your child’s social-emotional development and helping them build a solid foundation for the future.

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We will help your child develop strong learning and thinking skills by giving them opportunities to ask questions, and letting them know that we value their ideas. 

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Physical Development
& Wellness

We will encourage students to participate in physical activity and help them develop gross motor and fine motor skills, fundamental movement skills, coordination, and strength.

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We will incorporate activities that are interactive and entertaining so that children can learn and express themselves through dancing, crafting, drawing, and so much more.

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Languages &

We will enhance your child’s vocabulary and reading skills to help them understand different topics about the world and everyday life.

Program Features

Kindergarten Preparation

We help your child be prepared for kindergarten. Featuring core subjects and learning times for math, reading, phonics, science, and more, your child will be ahead and learning exactly what they need! We also have fun subjects such as arts and crafts time, outdoor gym time, and more!

Educated, Caring Teachers

Our Preschool teachers at CAM are fully qualified and have backgrounds in education and childcare. We understand how important quality teachers are, which is why our instructors are hand-selected not only for qualifications but also for their love and passion for working with children.

Socialization &

Group Activities

We offer times throughout the day where our young learners can develop necessary and important social skills to prepare them for future schooling. Our preschoolers learn to help each other and work together through age-appropriate group activities and games! 

Active Parent Involvement

We provide weekly updates on student's progress, along with pictures and monthly, individualized reports for each of our preschoolers. We also offer individualized learning and goals for our students as we recognize not everyone learns at the same pace or in the same ways! 

Program Locations


Teaching Methods

Interactive Teaching

  • Exploring & Discovery Approach

    Help students acquire a foreign language in natural and age-appropriate ways.


  • CAM Mystery Box 

    Provides children with hands-on experiences and rewards to incite productivity and excitement about learning.

  • Multiple Intelligences

    Expose children to content in diverse ways to suit individual learning styles and learn how to solve problems.

Diverse Activities

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Game Time

Arts & Crafts Time

Movie Time

Drama Play Time

Reading & Review Time

Cooking Time

Music & Dance Time

Field Trip Time

Enriching Elements

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Movement-based activities

Team-based Missions

Impromptu Role-Play

Large-scale Project

Culturally-rich Celebrations

Culinary Events

Real-scenario Practice

Community Service


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How young can I have my child enrolled in your program?

  • What is your learning curriculum for preschool program?

  • What is your facility’s schedule?

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